The Fortune Cookies…

Fortune Cookie

Yes, yes…I know…a “fortune cookie”…really??!! Well…if you’ve been reading the previous posts, it wouldn’t surprise you that “messages” come in every shape and form…once the message is received it doesn’t matter where it came from…does it?

Well…like everything else…it often takes a few consistent “nudges” or flat out blatant in your face billboards, before you clue in…that hey there’s something going on here.

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The Blue Moon

There are a lot of things that have been happening over the last few days, but I need to digest the information coming forward before posting it with all of you.

One such event is August 20th.

As you know, Diane Samsel had recommended that I not make any major/rash decisions before August 20th, because the Universe will be calming down in its Cosmic Dance. I had also been advised to “slow down”, “ponder and plan”. Well, I’ve been doing just that. And for the most part, I’ve been isolating myself so as not to be placed in a position where I had to make any major decisions. The few times that I was in such a position…the Universe stepped in and had those decisions delayed and rescheduled for after August 20th! (I’ll post those events in another entry).

However, the “coincidences/synchronicities” have been increasing or picking up speed again as we get closer to August 20.

This morning I came across a Facebook the following post:

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“New Thought”

If you haven’t already seen this documentary…and even if you have seen it…New Thought the Movie, brings it all together.  Are you the creator of your destiny? Do you truly know the power of your thoughts? Definitely one to add to your library :  New Thought Movie

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Nuff Said…


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The Dragonflies…

I had a question put forth to me yesterday…which had me …well…Pondering.

“How do we know when our path is the right one for the right reasons? “

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With all of this information…I’m gathering my thoughts and will be seeking additional resources for this Journey.

As time draws nearer, I will be seeking hands on assistance from anyone interested in learning about constructing yurts; those who are skilled in permaculture and establishing edible gardens; those knowledgeable in Native American spirituality and history; those who have expertise in establishing Conservation Easements; those interested in constructing a Sri Yantra dwelling; those interested in creating a green living organism of a dwelling space…and yes, those who would like to contribute financially towards the accomplishing of this venture.

Please feel free to contact me with your specific area of interest and reason for wanting to play a part in this Journey. Also visit the “Donate” page for additional information.

Sri Yantra

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The Return…

Please note…I have soul travelled many times before and I’m very used to lucid dreaming. I come from a culture where dreams are important and from my paternal side being able to forecast certain things based off of our dreams.

The one I had a few nights ago was no ordinary lucid dream or regular dream. I don’t recall the content of the “dream” except for the ending or return to this realm. This occurred around 3am during my meditation on the day I was scheduled to visit J.

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A Message From Beyond…

M. is a spiritual dowser. B. had asked her a few months back to do a remote reading on me. B. never shared the specifics of that reading with me…other than that at the time of the reading I had between 15 and 17 spirit guides with me. M. had not physically met till this morning.
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A Visit Granted…

After following a trail of synchronicities…I was finally granted a visit with the mysterious J. Arnold and the opportunity to walk through the 60 acres of land destined to be a spiritual retreat. (Please refer to My Spirit Animal Guides (Rabbits & Hummingbirds)…as well as A Message from Beyond for more stories from this visit).

J Arnold is in her late 70’s but looks like she’s in her 90’s. She is very much in tune with nature. She walks everywhere barefooted. M. informed me later that she has a yellow butterfly that comes and visits her often…sitting on her most times or stays close by. And she also has a squirrel that comes and sits with her.
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An Astrological Reading…

After leaving Waynesville (refer to My Spirit Animal Guides for that story) I tried contacting M, to let her know I was heading her way. She was at a doctor’s appointment, so I left a message. So I called Diane Samsel.
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