A Visit to The Mountain Light…

My Journey led me to The Pisgah Forest in Barnardsville, NC…to meet Michael Lightweaver, owner of The Mountain Light Sanctuary.

I had just returned from Pennsylvania…where T has had well over 4000 visitors and hadn’t charged a single penny for anyone wanting to stay for any length of time. So I wanted to chat with Michael to learn more about how the donation system worked for his sanctuary.  (Be sure to read My Spirit Animal Guides for more stories from The Mountain Light visit)

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Explore Your Web…

Here’s a clip from Tony Robbins “Explore Your Web”.

What is it that drives you in your life today?…Think about your life and the decisions that have shaped your destiny… Explore your web!…”

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My Spirit Animal Guides

But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee. Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee; and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee.

Job (12:7-8)

Ever since this Journey started, I’ve been conscious of the guidance of my spirit guides and animals. I wanted to dedicate one post to them…as you will hear about their presence throughout the journey.

The Spirit Animal’s appearance signals a time to connect with your true Self and your life’s purpose.  You should pay attention to the repeated appearance of this animal and of repeated patterns or themes.  Awakening to the recognition of these seemingly synchronistic occurrences teaches you to be aware of the hidden messages in everyday experiences.  

I’ve always known about the Husky/Wolf Guide. Another spiritual medium had told me a long time ago, that she sensed him always in my presence. I’ve also had a fondness for the actual animal and had come to accept that he is there to guide and protect me.

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A Meeting with Papa Bois…

It’s not often one gets to meet and learn from folks who genuinely walk their talk. I spent the weekend with a man who has dubbed himself The Monster…because folks are blown away by his passion, drive, determination and bullhead-edness. He is one of those empathic souls that reflects what’s going on with the individual spending time with him. So some see a Guardian/ Protector…while others see…well…The Monster… I call him Papa Bois.

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A Good Starting Point…

I had seen this video when it first came out. And I’m sure those of you who are following this journey, have seen or heard of The Secret. A dear new friend of mine sent me the link…and it came at a time when I needed to silence the doubts. Thank you Dee Ree! I’m posting the video of The Secret here for those of you who may be searching, may need reminding or may need a jump start. It’s a good starting point to self discovery. Enjoy!

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Another source of inspiration…

In my research for ideas on living with nature, I came across this clip. And while I doubt I have 100% in me to commit the way they have with recycling…they are a measuring guide to aspire to.  Here’s a clip of what they’re doing….

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No words needed…

I stumbled upon The Naik Foundation today. Very inspiring…

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A Moment of Clarity…

“All that we are is the result of all that we have thought”…Buddha

I’ve been experiencing more moments of clarity that are guiding my steps in this journey. When I first started this project, it was to create a space of solace, reflection and spiritual re-energizing or grounding for myself and my family. I have been feeling this unexplained “push” to follow this path. It dawned on me around 2am July 19 that this needed to be a space for others as well. The dwelling needed to be a spiritual retreat for all who feel the need to be there.

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A reminder…

Ever since I made the decision to consciously pursue this journey, I’ve been receiving very blatant reminders from a soul near and dear to my heart. A promise made by her to let me know everything will be okay. Since I started this journey, almost on a daily basis, I’ve either heard our special song or folks have sent me photos of the words of the song that they came across after reading the post. Punkin will always be my sunshine. The following is a repost of an older entry .

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It was meant to be…

As you know from my first post, it was my vision to create a sustainable home that was in tune with nature using Cob/Straw Bale. I have been keeping my options and mind open to any concepts that would help me achieve my goal of being in tune with nature.
I have been playing around with the house design and decided a few days ago to create it around the Sri Yantra.
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