Slow & Steady…

The day after the Drum Circle, I wanted to go back to The Light Center in Black Mountain. Well, the GPS took me through Charlotte St. There’s a Farmer’s Market in the Public Works parking lot…which I had heard of from the herb farmer at Wildwood Herbal Farm. Not expecting to see it on this particular drive, I pulled in and it was at the end of the market day, so everyone was packing up. Continue reading

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Those Drums, those drums ! They’re saying…

The Asheville Drum Circle is held every Friday from 6 to 10 pm. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again in a few weeks.

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Just How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go?…

So my farm-sitting stint was over and I’m staying with some very good friends of mine in Weaverville. The first morning I left the house to start my day…Mr. Rabbit is sitting outside by my car 🙂 Got to love these guys 🙂 The photo was taken after he hopped away from the car…you can see him sitting under the tree.

Mountain Rabbit

So it had me thinking….Just how prevalent has the Rabbit Spirit Guide been in my life prior to me actually noticing them as that? I’ve complied a list that dates back to my childhood…so far it’s 18 references…9 of which were at times of major significance and change in my life.  So I’ve done the research on what they’ve all represented and what their influence has been growing up.  This is going to be a long post, so grab a drink, settle in and enjoy… Continue reading

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An Unexpected Blessing…

It was a slow laid back Labor Day. I had decided to spend most of my day taking in the surrounding beauty of the mountain nature at the farm. Sat outside carving the Sri Yantra design into my new drum. It was very lopsided…definitely need to work on my wood carving skills :). I practiced a few drum rhythms from YouTube, in preparation for the Asheville Drum Circle on Friday. Did a lot of research on Mindful Ecotherapy. drum carving

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The Crossroads

Are you a creator or a victim of life? Are you part of the caterpillar or the butterfly? Are you part of the 10% that influences change? Humanity is at The Crossroads…which path will you choose…or has it already been chosen for you?

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What happens now?…

I had finished my morning farm duties and headed towards Asheville, to finish unloading the trailer.  My intention of moving up here, was twofold. One to focus on finding property for the retreat, and two to continue following the leads down the rabbit hole. (Which reminds me of one of my favorite songs by Kes The Band: Stress Away {I hope you’re seeing a common theme here})

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The trip to Madison County…

A little back story…

Back during my “ponder and plan” phase, one of the things I was pondering on was a date to make my move to the Western North Carolina (WNC) area. I had made prior arrangements to stay with my friend and her family in Weaverville. Well two things happened within one day of each other that confirmed the move date…August 29th.

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The Legend of the Warriors of the Rainbow…


Click the link to read the full Cree Prophecy.

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A Bridge from Here to There…

Today, I am off to fully pursue my path. While it is hard to leave my loved friends and family here in Charleston…it is even harder to ignore my path. So my bags are packed and off to Western North Carolina I go…down the rabbit hole  🙂

The External Environment is a Direct Reflection of the Internal…

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August 20…

I’ve had folks texting and emailing me all day wanting to know how August 20 went…what happened?…anything life changing?…

Here’s how I spent my day.

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