August 20…

I’ve had folks texting and emailing me all day wanting to know how August 20 went…what happened?…anything life changing?…

Here’s how I spent my day.

At 3:00am, I started with my usual meditation. My aim for today was to enjoy my day. Stay positive and open. Be generous. Be grateful. Keep my personal vision/goal in mind throughout my day and to embrace the meaning of Namaste: The Infinite in me Honors the Infinite in You. I was also aiming to spend most of the day before moonrise on a water and fresh fruit fast.


I went to Yin Yoga at The Yoga House at 9.30am, where we practiced the art of Letting Go.

I wanted to spend the rest of the morning in meditation and reflection. So I headed to Folly Beach. I usually head towards the Morris Island Lighthouse side of Folly. But decided today to turn right instead of left. I wanted to get to the farthest possible point of the beach to take it all in…in solitude.

I got as far as the entrance to the Community Park. I didn’t have cash on me, so I started to turn around. The park attendant was sitting in a beach chair just behind the booth. He got up as I was turning and waved at me to come his way. So I turned around and drove towards the gate. He said “Just go on in, drive around and see if I like it.” I told him “Thank you, but I don’t have any cash on me.” He looks me dead in the eye, pats my arm and says “Don’t worry, it’s on me.” I drove on in, feeling overwhelmed with blessings and gratitude, I started to cry. I was looking back in the rearview mirror and he was charging every other car behind me. I cried the entire drive down the beach…to the farthest point I could park. Got out and walked to the farthest point I could go. Stayed there and meditated with an open mind and a grateful heart for everything that has lead me to this moment in time. I made notes on what things needed to be put in place to make this vision a reality…the “planning” stage if you will.

The Cosmic Dance changes today. Settling in to a New Shift and Transformation in Consciousness. We can choose to embrace it or be buried in fear. Regardless of the choice, the Change is happening. As one friend describes it…Our Realities on the Planet are Shifting, and as we Listen, we Grow.

It is a time of deeper insights and wider understanding. A time to evolve and truly embrace our spiritual nature. A time to listen to the Universal Truth…that we are ALL the SAME. That we have been HERE before.

Most of us felt another major shift in consciousness back in December 2012. The world is waking up to its true potential. And like then, there wasn’t anything cataclysmic that occurred…rather, there wasn’t anything that could be seen with the naked eye. Your External Environment is a direct reflection of your Internal.

Later that night, I sat out on the dock meditating and chanting my usual mantras, Om Namah Shivaya ( to awaken a higher state of consciousness); Om brzeee namah (for overall abundance) and Om (for acceptance of who I Am). I sat bathed in the glow of the full moon, at some point I guessed it rained, but I didn’t feel anything other than the embrace of the moonlight.  I kept the intentions of all my loved ones in my mind’s eye, praying for their protection and receiving guidance and abundance in their own individual journeys. 

Oh and the fortune cookie, by the way, read “Thorough preparation makes its own luck”. And “Plan” away I shall continue… but I could translate it to also mean “Stop reading fortune cookies” 😉 Either way, I’m good 🙂

So did anything cataclysmic occur on August 20? For me, yes… I finally surrendered my all to the Higher Power that is within us each and every one of us. The Journey only gets better from this point going forward.

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