The Fortune Cookies…

Fortune Cookie

Yes, yes…I know…a “fortune cookie”…really??!! Well…if you’ve been reading the previous posts, it wouldn’t surprise you that “messages” come in every shape and form…once the message is received it doesn’t matter where it came from…does it?

Well…like everything else…it often takes a few consistent “nudges” or flat out blatant in your face billboards, before you clue in…that hey there’s something going on here.

The Fortune Cookie messages started in May 2013.

I was going through a period of conflict with a very near and dear friend.  And as I tend to do when I seek comfort or have a lot on my mind…I order Chinese Food. My usual order is Boneless Duck and Noodles. I usually order from Osaka…as they’re the only ones that had Boneless Duck at the time. Well it was my luck that they stopped carrying it on their menu, so I just got an order of plain noodles and a spring roll. My thoughts were on the harsh words that had been said between my friend and I earlier that day. I opened my fortune cookie…not expecting anything. But it said “Honor yourself, and others will honor you, too.” Well…okay… cool…so I kept it as a reminder.

The second one came the week of July 19, when it dawned on me that the dwelling should be a spiritual retreat. I was again ordering noodles from Osaka, this time I was contemplating some course work from the Project:Yourself program I had been taking. The message this time read ” We are what we think”. Again…not much thought into it, other than cool. I mean, it’s a fortune cookie, right? But I saved it all the same.

The Tuesday I came back from my journey from Pennsylvannia, North Carolina and South Carolina…I went to Red Orchids China Bistro and ordered the vegetable pancit. I was “pondering” everything I had just been through and how best to move forward. The message read “You will be asked to step up to the plate in new ways”. I laughed at this point and said Yes I realize that 😉

Please note…these are the ONLY times I’ve gone for Chinese food, so there haven’t been other fortune cookie readings in between…these have been the ONLY cookies I have been receiving since this journey started. There’s more…

Two days later, I’m back at Red Orchids, same order ( and the order is the same each time ). This is during my “slow down/Ponder & Plan” phase. So I’m in there, with my notebook, writing my thoughts and questions. I was contemplating why I can’t “be in two worlds” at the same time… Ready for it?…The message read “You can’t steal second base and keep one foot in first” …Well shoot…there goes that thought out the window 😉

Two days after that, same place, same order. I had received an email from the same friend mentioned earlier. I was debating and trying to make a decision on how best to answer the email without letting my emotions get in the way, as well as stay true to everything I was experiencing. The message read ” You are admirable, for you remained firm even when troubled by personal”. So I sent my response from a place of love.

The next one came two days after that…same place, same order…Yes I know I’m pretty boring when it comes to ordering Chinese food…and yes, I’ve been ordering fairly frequently as it’s quick and easy…and yes, they all know me in there by now and ask if I want to sit in my usual spot ;)…and I have  a lot to digest these past few days. Anyhow…that day, I had just decided on a date to move my “stuff” up to North Carolina and I was trying to figure out what size Uhaul and storage unit to rent, what needed to stay, what needed to be sold, etc. The message read “Unnecessary possessions are unnecessary burdens”.

So tomorrow, I’ll be going through everything and figuring out what is “necessary” for my move.

Today is the much anticipated August 20th. The day isn’t over yet…and it’s been an interesting one so far…so there will be a post later this week….But I have ordered my vegetable pancit to go…the Fortune Cookie is waiting for me later tonight as I watch the Blue Moon rise.  I’m secretly hoping it says…”Stop reading fortune cookies” 😉

The Fortune Cookie Messages

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