The Blue Moon

There are a lot of things that have been happening over the last few days, but I need to digest the information coming forward before posting it with all of you.

One such event is August 20th.

As you know, Diane Samsel had recommended that I not make any major/rash decisions before August 20th, because the Universe will be calming down in its Cosmic Dance. I had also been advised to “slow down”, “ponder and plan”. Well, I’ve been doing just that. And for the most part, I’ve been isolating myself so as not to be placed in a position where I had to make any major decisions. The few times that I was in such a position…the Universe stepped in and had those decisions delayed and rescheduled for after August 20th! (I’ll post those events in another entry).

However, the “coincidences/synchronicities” have been increasing or picking up speed again as we get closer to August 20.

This morning I came across a Facebook the following post:

Blue Moon

So I laughed and said “Of Course there would be a Blue Moon on August 20th of all days”.

I texted my friends (in the loop)…and one of them asked what I thought the importance of the Blue Moon meant in the scheme of things. I didn’t have a response at the time and meant to reply later when I got home after yoga class. Well…I went for lunch at Red Orchid’s Chinese Bistro and got distracted by another string of coincidences that had been happening there (which will be posted under the heading Fortune Cookies). Needless to say, when I finally got home and started to check my emails…I received the following link from another friend specifically addressing the significance of THIS Blue Moon. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Full Moon Blue Moon

I’m taking a leap of faith here and sharing this with you before August 20. I’ll let you all know how it unfolds after the date. But I can tell you I will be starting my day as usual with my 3:00 am meditation followed by my Yin Yoga class at The Yoga House.

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