The Dragonflies…

I had a question put forth to me yesterday…which had me …well…Pondering.

“How do we know when our path is the right one for the right reasons? “

Most often, the automatic response is…if it feels true to you or if it comes from a place of love or if it benefits the greater community…or if you pray to God, the answer will come to you.

However, we are human. As humans, we have Ego. How do we know that Ego isn’t justifying situations and experiences to suit our needs? If I’m open to the “good” that is out there…I am equally open to the “bad”. And the “bad” does not often manifest itself in obvious ways…it often comes sugar coated and justified.  Of equal importance is the knowledge that  good can be derived from bad and bad derived from good.

Good and Bad

While I was pondering all of this… A flight of about 20 dragonflies came into view.  They scattered once they got to the pond. One in particular kept catching my eye.  And because I’m trying to stay open and pay attention during my “slowing down” phase…I looked up Dragonfly Spirit Animal. And the first thing I read was :

.” When the dragonfly shows up in your life, it’s perhaps time to look through illusion. A situation or someone’s intentions are not clear and may be deceiving.”


So I examined my entire life…because this has not been a recent calling…just intensified. All of my actions, choices, decisions, thoughts, experiences since birth have been consistent in this arena. I believe, have always believed, that we are ALL from the same Source. We are ALL made in the Source’s image. We are ALL Energy. I also believe that we CHOOSE to take a certain form (human, animal, plant, etc) before we enter this existence. I believe we CHOOSE what experiences we wish to have while in this form…how those experiences will impact our path/destiny, as well as those of others…we also choose who and when we wish to have those experiences.

Deepak Chopra says : “How is such a purpose discovered? By following your natural inclinations. What is right for you won’t be hidden if you are connected to yourself and willing to follow where your desires lead you.”

What is key here…is “By following YOUR natural inclinations. What is RIGHT for YOU…”

My path is not your path and vice versa. My reality is not your reality. But both have an impact on the Bigger Picture. It’s all about the experience. If we are all from Source, then this is just Source having ONE Grand Experience through different perspectives. There is no right or wrong path…just the experience.

We, as humans, are not meant to remember what our pre-destined choices are…what fun would that be? We’re meant to LIVE our Experiences to our fullest. We are meant to do so with a pursuit and hunger to want that experience to have meaning and purpose. What we forget and sometimes remember…is that THE meaning and purpose…is to just HAVE the Experience.

The Box

Does that mean we should be irresponsible in our choices? If YOUR path calls for YOU to be irresponsible, unkind, unloving, immoral, unjust, etc…that’s not for ME to judge or decide. I can only speak for MY path and Trust that YOURS is equally meant to be a part of the Greater Experience or Bigger Picture.

So how do I know this is the right path for the right reasons for ME? Because my entire life’s journey has led me to this moment in time. Because the lessons and experiences I have had in my current lifetime have been consistent in keeping me on this path. The experiences I have had over the last few days are nothing NEW to me…the intensity and frequency with which they occurred is new…but the information and separate incidences are not. I have always been open and grateful for the guidance and confirmations received from Source. However, I have not always been focused and simply accepted these synchronicities as part of life’s little nudges. What changed? I became focused on my intentions and my path. I tuned in to what my heart and soul were “nudging” all along. I listened. And the second I did…the path became clearer with each moment and encounter. Do I know where it will all lead? No…I don’t. I’m not meant to know. I’m meant to experience my path to my fullest. And my path entails being in service to others. It entails living my life so it can be an example for those willing to enhance their own experiences. It entails being there for others with all my heart. It entails listening and counseling when and if it is needed. It entails providing a space that will bring solace, reconnection, grounding and healing for those who seek it. It entails not judging your reality but helping you make decisions to guide you in your own path. It entails knowing that my external environment is a direct reflection of my internal one. It entails knowing that we are ALL the Same. That we are everyone, everything and everywhere. It entails embracing ALL with Love and Gratitude.

That is how I know.

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3 Responses to The Dragonflies…

  1. KraftedKhaos says:

    It must be nice to be so sure about where you should be/want to be going with your life… I’ve spent 33 years spinning my wheels, with no idea where I should be going… extremely frustrating!

    • The key words here are Surrender, Trust and Gratitude. Once I surrendered (meaning…not giving in to my fears and doubts…and allowing Life and Source to guide me)…the world opened up and I was in tune with the flow. Once I surrendered I had to trust that everything, and I mean everything, was for the right reasons and time. There’s no impatience, there’s trust. And there’s always, always, always gratitude for each encounter, each moment, each experience…good, bad or indifferent.
      It sounds silly. It sounds simple. It sounds “woo woo”. BUT my entire life has been leading up to this moment in time and it’s simply Amazing.
      You can’t worry about where you should be going. If you do…it will ALWAYS be frustrating 😉 You have to trust and surrender to commit to being in the NOW…because that is ALL you can control at any given moment…your NOW. You can’t change the past and you can’t predict the future…but you can create your reality in the NOW.
      So I’m not “so sure about where I should be/want to be going”…I KNOW where my life’s experiences have been constantly guiding me. I KNOW what resonates and excites me strongly. Because of this I know who I AM. I have a glimpse of what I am capable of. My human-ness would love to plan and plot and lay out grand schemes for my future…But my spirit knows better.
      This is my path. These are the experiences I chose to have entering this life. You are walking a different path. You have different experiences you wish to have in this life. Yet you and I are the same. My observed purpose has always been to be an empath, and observer, a teacher, a guide, a mentor, a sounding board, a healer. The things I am experiencing and journalling as of recently…is a culmination of my entire life’s journey. My surrendering is by default laying out the path I am meant to fulfill. It has never let me down or shown me otherwise. So I place my trust and my gratitude in Life’s Flow and Source and the knowledge that I AM. Nothing more nothing less…it just is.

      • KraftedKhaos says:

        I get what you’re saying… I guess it just makes me a little… disheartened… to be just as aimless at 33 as I was at 16.

        It’s infuriating to FEEL very strongly that you have an important purpose, yet be completely clueless, even after over 1/3 of your life expectancy has passed!

        I feel like I’ve been waiting for my entire life… *sigh*

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