A work in progress…

My journey has been an interesting one.

I chose to be born in the tropical islands of Trinidad & Tobago… A country that celebrates and embraces all cultures and religions.  My heritage is as diverse as my country…my father’s line originates from Portugal and Africa. My mother’s line from Pakistan and India. My maternal grandfather’s line originated from the Brahmins of India and my paternal grandfather’s line from the Sheep Herders of Portugal. I was raised a Catholic while embracing my Hindu heritage. Being raised in Trinidad, I was also exposed to all the different religious customs and celebrations.

Food has always been an integral part of my foundations. My mom can tell you stories about my childhood wanderings when we went out to restaurants for dinner…always finding me in the kitchen talking with the chef and cooks. Or about my “caring” side…of feeding her stereo system with spaghetti so the “little people” talking in the radio would have something to eat as well.

I have lived in Canada, England, Holland and currently reside in South Carolina…always following my heart and my instincts.

My biggest culture shock of moving to the US was the food. Having left an island where the concept of “local, sustainable & seasonal” was simply a way of life taken for granted…I had moved to the Land of Plenty where food nutrition was scarce & where convenience outweighed quality. It became my mission to reintroduce the concepts of the “Slow Food” philosophy to my life and my community.

My health has also played a role in my life choices. I’m asthmatic, and also sensitive to medications and most commercially produced food items. This has made me very selective of not only activities that I choose to participate in, but also the foods I choose to put into my body. I proudly wear the tag ADHD & being an Aspie. I am a high functioning Aspie…which rocks by the way! It explains a lot about who I am and why I’ve made certain choices along the way. (Those of you interested in learning more about Asperger’s in Females, check out Tania Marshall’s blog). Aside from all the cool advantages of having an Aspie mind, the two I truly embrace are the ability to think outside the box and being an empath.

“My Journey” is a record of my path towards spiritual growth and enlightenment. It will cover everything under the sun…because even seemingly random mundane things affect that journey. Hopefully, we both (you and I) learn something from each other. My motto has always been: When you do your best, make sure someone else was blessed.

Sri Yantra

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