What happens now?…

I had finished my morning farm duties and headed towards Asheville, to finish unloading the trailer.  My intention of moving up here, was twofold. One to focus on finding property for the retreat, and two to continue following the leads down the rabbit hole. (Which reminds me of one of my favorite songs by Kes The Band: Stress Away {I hope you’re seeing a common theme here})

So now that I was here, I found myself thinking…okay, what happens now? So I decided to grab lunch in downtown Asheville and gather my thoughts as to what to do next.

I had lunch on the outside patio at The Noodle Shop while researching locations for me to get things rolling…like banks, the City Hall for permits, yoga centers, etc. While I was nearing the end of my meal, the waiter brings the bill and the fortune cookie.  Two young street kids approach me at this point and strike up a conversation. We’re talking about spider bites, they’re showing me the bites they had gotten in the past. They’re telling me about how mean some folks are by ignoring them when they’re seeking help. I ask them if they’re hungry…and they seem offended by the question. Then they literally zone in on the unopened fortune cookie. “Aren’t you going to open it?” No, I thought I’d wait a bit. “Why? Fortune cookies are good.” Ehhh…I’m not really in the mood to eat it right now. Would you like to have it? “No, we don’t want it. You should open it.” Okay. I’ll open it but I really don’t want to eat it. Will you have it? “We’ll share it. But you really should read your fortune. It’s always good to know what they say.” I’m smiling as I crack the cookie in half, thinking they have no clue what I’ve been through with these fortune cookies. I give each of them the halves of cookie. They laugh and ask me what does it say.

I turn it over and smile. They look at me and the older one says “And now you know what to do!” I look at them in amazement and wonder. They shift the conversation to whether I’m going to the Drum Circle tonight and they hope to see me there. I nodded yes…and with that they walked away.

The Fortune Cookie Asheville

So Explore I Shall!

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4 Responses to What happens now?…

  1. Joy says:

    You only need light for forward movement, no looking behind you

  2. KraftedKhaos says:

    Asheville? Did you recently move to NC? There’s an Asheville NC near where my family lives down there 🙂

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