A Moment of Clarity…

“All that we are is the result of all that we have thought”…Buddha

I’ve been experiencing more moments of clarity that are guiding my steps in this journey. When I first started this project, it was to create a space of solace, reflection and spiritual re-energizing or grounding for myself and my family. I have been feeling this unexplained “push” to follow this path. It dawned on me around 2am July 19 that this needed to be a space for others as well. The dwelling needed to be a spiritual retreat for all who feel the need to be there.

Moment of Clarity

I immediately put it out to the Universe to help me get the things I needed in place to accomplish this. One of which, was to create a MasterMind Group of individuals who have the skill set needed to accomplish this goal. Within 2 hours of putting it out there, I was put in contact with Stephen Bolling of Regenerative Homes and it was immediately clear that we were meant to have this discussion. At the end of the day, I had another friend make another suggestion as to a possible location, where the current owner had property that she wanted to make into a spiritual retreat…but for whatever reason was unable to. I will be following up on this lead as well.


The essence of the dwelling will remain the same…That of a place of solace, reflection, contemplation and spiritual re-energizing or grounding. I am envisioning both a place for solitary work and a place for group work via workshops and retreats. Food will be a component…as an element of getting back to basics. The specifics still need to be unfolded as I grow along…But at the core of it, I will be extending an invitation to anyone who feels an attraction or is drawn to it energetically.

So the path has widened and I will keep you informed of its progress, twists and turns as we make this a reality.

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