An Astrological Reading…

After leaving Waynesville (refer to My Spirit Animal Guides for that story) I tried contacting M, to let her know I was heading her way. She was at a doctor’s appointment, so I left a message. So I called Diane Samsel.
Diane, for those of you in the reading audience 🙂 not familiar with her…is an animal communicator. Ruth and I have used her services a few times at the clinic and on a more personal note, with our kids…Arnold, Chase, Punkin. Diane was at my side via phone most of the day that Punkin transitioned over. She is a dear and close friend.
I went to see Diane, because out of everyone I know, she would be able to best understand what I was going through and help me sort things out. Diane lives in NC. She had asked for my birth information prior to my arrival so she could pull up my astrological chart.
So…my reading…
I have royalty in either my line or previous lifetime…hence the reason I act like I expect things to happen with ease. 🙂
She explained that the Universe is doing its cosmic dance. That around the end of May, beginning of June, things got very intense for a lot of people. Some respond with expansion and awakening, others with fear and feeling like the world is collapsing.
Cosmic dance
She said I am pursuing the path meant for me…that of spirituality. She doesn’t know how it will play out in terms of specifics because of the Cosmic Upheaval. But that I am on the course that is meant for me. However, I need to resolve the one issue in my life…that of my relationship. (I’m going to leave out the specific parts she said about it, until I have Ruth’s permission to share with everyone. Also because the story of Ruth and I has bearing on the path of this journey…so one day…). She said everything seems intense right now because of this cosmic dance. She says Ruth and I have unfinished business…she didn’t know the specifics of it…other than it was in tune with my current quest. She said things were moving too fast for me. That I need to slow down a bit…wait for the Cosmic Dance to implode before moving forward. She said things will settle down after August 20th and that sometime between then and January, there will be a transformation involving Ruth and I and my journey…and again she didn’t know what direction that may take…but either way it will be what is best for us both.  She said wait till the Dance is over in August, because the dynamics will change.
She brought up those words again…that the external environment is a reflection of the internal.
She said I have some  issues…more specifically, there was a gap in my life around growing up as a child and that when I buckle down and dig in…it’s a reflection of my defense mechanism to protect that gap in my life. She said I needed to stop projecting that, especially now in my spiritual journey, because there would be a lot of people wanting to step into that character of a role model. She said I needed to work on it because I was projecting it on Ruth.
That was the end of our session. And I was on my way again.
And as the Cosmos loves to have its way…I called M again to see when she wanted to meet and if we could do so before I headed back to Charleston. She called me back and said J felt embarrassed about the state of the road and the property and that it may be best if I came back next week.  M said she kept talking to her and at the end J said that this may have been meant to be…my being up here. So M was not sure if J would see me before I left or if she would wait till next week. I’m grinning at this point…because… I need to slow down 🙂 So I told M, I’d stay in Hendersonville for the next two days and head back to Charleston as planned…If J changed her mind during those two days…I am here and can meet her. If not, then I’m on a two day mind veg vacation, will head home and  visit with J next week.
So…the Cosmos is slowing me down…
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