A Visit Granted…

After following a trail of synchronicities…I was finally granted a visit with the mysterious J. Arnold and the opportunity to walk through the 60 acres of land destined to be a spiritual retreat. (Please refer to My Spirit Animal Guides (Rabbits & Hummingbirds)…as well as A Message from Beyond for more stories from this visit).

J Arnold is in her late 70’s but looks like she’s in her 90’s. She is very much in tune with nature. She walks everywhere barefooted. M. informed me later that she has a yellow butterfly that comes and visits her often…sitting on her most times or stays close by. And she also has a squirrel that comes and sits with her.
We spent almost 4 hours with her. She is lonely and therefore talks about everything under the sun 🙂 But the conversation stayed mainly on metaphysical stuff. She had copies of information on different metaphysical things, Native American histories and natural healing foods all ready to give to me. Out of the time we spent with her…we spent less than 5 minutes talking about the actual property and her vision for it.
She wants it to be a spiritual center or retreat. Never timbered. The animals must have a home there and taken care of. Dowsers can come and find water and fairies. Don’t mess with the water streams as it’s pure water. The house and land has to get in shape, trim some of the trees to protect the house.
That was all I could get out of her at that point.
But during our talks…I learned that the property is considered a Healing Land. There is an Indian Burial Ground on one of the hills there and therefore not to be messed with. There’s a Medicine Wheel at the very center and bottom of the once 7 acre lake.
There is an Indian Ampitheatre on the land as well. There is a prophecy about the land…but she got distracted and I didn’t learn what it was/is. The Klu Klux Klan is in the area. But there is a Golden Protection surrounding the land.
She also mentioned in passing that Energy is God. We are all energy…everything is energy in one state or another.
I told her if she trusts me to do this whatever the outcome will be regarding me and the land, that I will help her get information about the Conservation Easement. That an appraisal of the land will need to be done. And that some trees may need to be cleared to make room for buildings. She said she understands and then asked which trees 🙂 I told her I didn’t know as yet.
It’s going to take several conversations with her to get the information I will need to help her. As much as I am being guided about this specific property…I’m not sure if it is THE property…but I do know I’m supposed to help her out regardless of the outcome. If it turns out that it is where the retreat is supposed to be then good. If not, then I would have been of service to her, my growth and this journey.
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