A Message From Beyond…

M. is a spiritual dowser. B. had asked her a few months back to do a remote reading on me. B. never shared the specifics of that reading with me…other than that at the time of the reading I had between 15 and 17 spirit guides with me. M. had not physically met till this morning.
All of our conversations had been on the phone and mostly about J. All M. knew of me, was that I was a chef, I helped her inadvertently via the Crockpot Diet, that B. speaks highly of me and that I was on a spiritual journey.
We were sitting outside, J. had gone back into the house to find more food to ply us with. Earlier, I had excused my self and had returned to my car to get my notebook, pen and phone to take photos.  So we’re sitting there and M. hands start to twitch and then she yelps. I ask her if she’s okay. She says yes and explains that this happens when “they’re” trying to communicate through her. Her arm keeps twitching. She goes on to explain that this is where the automatic writing comes into play. So I told her I have the pen and paper here if she needs it. She laughs and nods her head. She asks me…or rather more herself…how many spirit guides were present. Her fingers starting moving, like she’s punching a calculator. She says there are 12 guides here specifically for this part of the spiritual journey. Her twitching and yelping gets more animated, she reaches out in my direction and I hand her the notebook and pen. And she starts writing furiously. She asks them if this is for J. or for Renata. She nods her head and continues to write.(I’m going to write exactly what she wrote…)
” You have gotten here finally. You seem surprised but gently ______. This turn of events is going always in your direction. You seem always on the right path & we are glad you are paying attention to us. That we like & your appreciation we like also which we receive heavily from you. [M. then turns and asks me if I tell them Thank You a lot…at this point I’m almost ready to cry, and I tell her yes I do all the time.] This is a good part of the connection ______ Keep the circuit going. Keep it up and we’ll let you know via _____.
—   —   —- —- —-
You have gotten more information haven’t you? You know what you want to do & whyWhy is most important. Being dedicated to your cause & dream is paramount as you know we are here to guide you. You seem so dug in to what you are doing ______ so take time to ponder & plan. Ponder & plan. You seem always to go full force. You know you are in high gear. What does hi gear mean to you? Are you related to that. Does hi gear really relate to you. You sense where you are going. Do you know? Don’t answer that. We don’t really know where we are going, do we. You know what you can & cannot do. Pay attention to what you are being told as you know when to go forth & when not. I repeat – pay attention.
You got the    power. You know   we will be forever   here. You have gotten awarded _____ can’t you   see that? Of course you   can. You have gotten so tuned in that it is applaudable    . Please note not to stay in 2 worlds. Stay in one & dip in another. You are so good at what you do. Do not doubt yourself.
You’re not always restrained. You can let loose when you need to.
This is The Truth!
You are so enlightened ____ You have a tough time containing yourself. But try to.
(Anything else she needs to do?) Be aware. When you get an idea – write it down then & there. This is going to be a note taking time.
Complete Y”
Oh, one other thing…as M. and I took our leave, I moved in to give her a hug, as we parted she seemed to stumble backwards. I asked her if she was okay. She laughed and said she was and that it happens when she meets an aura…She was standing just past an arm’s length from me. She motioned that my aura was all out there.
Consistent messages. I’ll be Pondering, Planning, Slowing Down, Taking Notes…over the next few days.
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