The Return…

Please note…I have soul travelled many times before and I’m very used to lucid dreaming. I come from a culture where dreams are important and from my paternal side being able to forecast certain things based off of our dreams.

The one I had a few nights ago was no ordinary lucid dream or regular dream. I don’t recall the content of the “dream” except for the ending or return to this realm. This occurred around 3am during my meditation on the day I was scheduled to visit J.

It is intentional that I do not recall the contents prior to my return…that will spoil the fun 🙂 What I do recall is that I was Home. I was one with the Universe. I was everywhere and everything. I was at peace and everything was as it should be. The Universe was expanding and exploding.


This expansion and explosion literally took my breath away…and that’s what brought me back and woke up with that thud of jumping back into your body. But I woke up knowing I had been Home and that I wasn’t supposed to remember the conversation that took place prior to my return. That I needed to finish my task…whatever that is :).

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